Coo, a proposed app, focusing on owning your rights. Our mission is to mobilize peaceful activism. We believe everyone deserves to have their voices heard. Through our platform, we give you the tools to connect and inform people. Our future depends on what we choose to do now.

Over the past few years, we have seen more protests and civil uprisings than ever before. This is largely due to social media, as the ability to see and plan what is happening has activated our communities. However, large companies like Facebook, where these conversations are being had, are being mismanaged and not creating the right space for these protests to be as successful as they can be. Larger protests are not being organized and smaller grassroots protests are not being heard.

The target audience for Coo is Gen Z because they are most activated through social media, as they are striving to do more. When asked about the obstacles keeping them from participating in political or social justice causes, 55% said not knowing who to contact or what groups to support tripped them up (Irregular Labs).

So, why “Coo”? Coo is a soft murmuring sound made by a dove or pigeon. But, Coup (pronounced coo) is a sudden and illegal seizure of power from a government. We hope to become a platform that changes power systems within the government in a nonviolent and peaceful way. Additionally, Coo is represented by the copyright symbol, indicating that we must own our own rights.

Get organized and get started with Coo.

Based in Manhattan