Identity, Mobile Ui/Ux

Nown can be pronounced both “now-n”, as in the present, and “known” as in the past. Because of its archival and contemporary qualities, the app becomes a tool for exploring both the history of a place and how spaces are being used right in front of us.

Because we live our lives through our phones, our memories are trapped in photo streams with limited context. Social media can create a make-believe context. This project began with the initial question, “how can a space look past its initial intended function?”. With Nown, you can capture and view other perspectives past and archive your own within the space using augmented reality. When capturing the moment the image and film are geotagged and locked into the perspective taken. By locking your frame into a place, you are contextualizing it beyond its original meaning. This creates a memory palace that anyone can enter and contribute to. An augmented reality keepsake.

Based in Manhattan