The User Condition 
Parsons School of Design

Intangibility is our condition. Our bodies exist in the real world, but our digital selves do not. As we move further online we begin to lose the importance of tactility.

As I become my Tinder bio, my Zoom screen, and my Facebook comments I begin to disappear. As my emotions become increasingly dictated by digital boxes, there is a reverse effect; intangible, liminal, spaces are pulled into reality. The flattened world is sucked into three dimensions. Existing in a digital space is interactive intangibility. How can I show my computerized self what it’s like to eat an orange, touch a flower, or stub my toe?

The User Condition blends physical and digital objects and environments. In turn, this creates an ambiguous space which leads us to become people in a contradictory zone. Transitioning from one to another we are able to recognize and dissociate ourselves from the perceived limitations of tangibility. Presented through a website, this state is shown through a collection of images and scans with the addition of a webcam to acknowledge the user’s interaction with this state.

Based in Manhattan